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BBC News | 2015-07-03

Oceans face 'acidification crisis'

3 July 2015 From the section Science & Environment The oceans are at parlous risk from a combination of threats Scientists have warned that marine life will...

The Guardian | 2015-07-02

Government to scrap child poverty target before tax credits cut

Iain Duncan Smith to remove measure that required eradication of child poverty by 2020 after publication of statistics reveals no fall in level ...

BBC News | 2015-07-02

Bosnia: The cradle of modern jihadism?

By Mark Urban Diplomatic and defence editor, Newsnight 2 July 2015 From the section Europe Back in the 1990s something happened in central Bosnia-Herzegovina...

BBC News | 2015-07-02

South Korea reports new Mers case after four-day pause

2 July 2015 From the section Asia South Korea has not had a death from Mers for two days South Korea has reported a new case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome...

Open Minds Worldwide

The Guardian | 2015-07-02

This Heathrow report got Cameron off the hook. But it won’t be the last word

Government inquiries are Britain’s bullfights. They are expensive, ritualised, interminable and the cause of lavish corporate expenditure. They all have the same ending: a man in a suit pirouetting over a pile of bleeding meat. ...

The Washington Post | 2015-07-02

‘You don’t expect to run into a pea in guacamole’

Add green peas to your guacamole. Trust us. — The...

CounterPunch | 2015-07-02

Climate: Sobriety, Not Austerity

Paris. The UN’s Paris climate change conference in November doesn’t hold out much promise. Since the...

CounterPunch | 2015-07-02

Iraqi Voices Are Screaming from Far Away

Iraqis were attempting the nonviolent overthrow of their dictator prior to his violent overthrow by...

CounterPunch | 2015-07-02

The Essentials for Justice

Like many other progressives, I was very excited about some of the Supreme Court decisions this term...